Friday 15th of December: De Gezellige KerstBorrel

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On the 15th of December I will play some records at De Gezellige KerstBorrel in de Stadscafde Mr. de UiL. Together with dj's like Saphera, Digital Skills and Party Dj Ruben we will celebrate Christmas like you never ever celebrated it angel. We begin the evening with some fine 90's classics and we will build up to the harder styles...

Stadscafde Mr. De Uil is on 'de Markt' in the centre of Veenendaal. We will start at 22.00 hrs en will end 04.00 hrs. Tickets are only available at the door for only € 3,- wink

This is de link to the party on Facebook:

We'll hope to see you the friday 15th...Xmas will never been the same!