During the COVID 19 period I made some Live Streams on Facebook.
You can watch them below from different styles that I played laugh
Enjoy the sound of DJ Fade-out

Thunderdome Rotterdam records special 2-9-2021: https://fb.watch/7RWWToefto/

Houseqlassics 2.0 29-7-21: https://fb.watch/73DR8lAto6/
Thunderdome Enzyme records special 9-6-21: https://fb.watch/68wbUc7M_n/
Thunderdome  Promo & Catscan special 12-5-2021: https://fb.watch/68w8_7BajO/
Belgium Beats 14-4-2021: https://fb.watch/5fXtsFEuz_/
Hardstyle Classics 9-4-2021: https://fb.watch/5fXFNqvAGf/
Best of Pussy Lounge 1-4-2021: https://fb.watch/5fXBLoEAgM/
Thunderdome 10-3-21: https://fb.watch/4eXFNHI-st/
Happy Hardcore  21-1-21: https://fb.watch/471-Q_CgAo/
Best of Qult (Techno & Subground) 4-3-21: https://fb.watch/471KZKiwDU/
Best of Defqon 1 20-2-21: https://fb.watch/471MxBpT24/
Trance & Retro Classix part 2 3-2-21: https://fb.watch/471WdQsCkB/
Trance & Retro Classix part 1 3-2-21: https://fb.watch/471XfOc41y/
Millennium Madness 29-1-21: https://fb.watch/471Zl59NpV/
Back 2 the Future 23-1-21: https://fb.watch/471_tyS1nl/
Home Live Stream: https://youtu.be/0imMW2OvKLk

Some parts of the videos where interupped due music rights by Facebook indecision