In the early 2000 Fade-out (Ruben in reallife) was seriously started with spinning some records. His first e.p he bought was "Cygnus X - Superstring (Rank 1 rmx)" after that  he was totally sold to the electronic dance music. After a while a new style called 'Hardstyle' was coming up and after hearing some records he was totally dedicated to that new, fresh & hard sound. Visiting the legendary "Qlubtempo" event was the first set to spin his own records....And with succes!

On the 14th of June 2003 he made his debut on DEFQON 1 Festival in Almere. After winning a talentnight he was honored to play at the Talentarea of this big harder style festival. After that his bookings where rising and he played at Qlubtempo #23 at the famous "Hemkade 48" in Zaandam. Beside that he also played at several (local) events like BassControl, Tempovision (at a local discotheque called Temptation in Veenendaal), the legendary afterclub "Zino" in Tilburg, Oldschool Madness in Enschede and many more. 

After I while he started playing Millenium Hardcore (period 2002-2007) & Freestyle. After a "little musical switch" he played at one of the world biggest hardcore event called Dominator Festival in 2016. He was honored again to play some fine millennium hardcore tracks. It was one of his highlights in his DJ career. He also played at Fuze Outdoor in Veenendaal, this is a growing event in the middle of Holland (Veenendaal).  Fade-out played there at the "Freestyle Maniacs" area. 

In 2012 he also organized his own event called: "Back 2 the Future". 
With this typical sound from the past B2TF brings you that early harder style sound from the "back in the days".
Bringin the best artists like DJ Luna, DJ Pavo, The Darkraver (all where the headliner in 3 editions in 2012) and in 2019 again The Darkraver

There was also a other event called "Back to the Freestyle". Like the name allready saying it; The populair freestyle sound was played their
Artists like Freestyle Maniacs (20160 & Bass-d (2018) played at this editions. 

In the meanwhile Fade-out also started producing some own tracks/bootlegs. He made some bootlegs of some fine classics like "G-town Madness - Silence", "Twister Silence - Listen to me Mama", " Lenny Dee - The Dreamer" & some own tracks. 

With more than 15 years experience you can say that Fade-out is the man that will tear the roof off! You can book him over some several styles:

FREESTYLE  • MILLENNIUM HARDCORE (period 2000-2008) • HARDSTYLE CLASSICS   & • RETRO CLASSICS (trance, classix & old skool)

If you like to book Fade-out can you fill out the form in the contact section or you can send an email to [email protected]